real healing happens between people



I coach individuals, couples, groups, teams and organisations in their growing self-awareness. The goal of coaching is to support people in realising their full potential, creating meaningful visions and achieving deep personal and professional change. My approach is transformational and transpersonal.

Coaching can cover issues around people’s personal life, their career, performance, health or around existing conflicts.

I offer general and executive coaching in any form between 1-to-1 and 2-to-many.
My price starts at £60 for an individual session of 60 minutes and more in relation to the number of participants. Some reduced fee places are available.

My approach to coaching

I meet my client as ‘Mensch’, a fellow human being. I work with who we are as authentic human beings, with our particular talents, emotions, knowledge, limitations and life stories. Our first resource is who we are in relationship.
Each client is the expert of his or her own life. I define coaching as helping others to help themselves to enlarge and deepen their self-awareness regarding behaviour, beliefs, values, qualities, potential and life goals.

I acknowledge each person as a multifaceted being, connected to the larger system of which they are a part eg. family, peer group, community, organisation, culture, the world.

I support dynamic, courageous and transformational growth. Techniques involved may reach beyond the cognitive/mental level into, for example, a person’s higher awareness, body-mind wisdom, or creative capacity. Forms of shadow or resistance can be actively and productively worked with as appropriate, galvanizing potential and resolving inner conflicts.