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Psychosexual Therapy

Psychosexual Therapy

Talking about sexual problems is not easy. Where to start? And how to overcome a sense of shame or feelings of performance anxiety? These feelings make the sexual problem often worse than it is.

I am used to these sensitive conversations. Talking with me about your problems will normalise concerns about sex or sexual problems.

There are many different types of sexual problems and they are more common than you might think. They happen to many people and they may be distressing.
Some sexual problems are purely physical, resulting from a disability, an illness or side effects from medication. However, most sexual problems are psychological and might originate in what other people taught you about sex or what you taught yourself as a result of previous negative experiences.

Psychosexual therapy is a professional and successful approach to help you overcome problems of sexual function and expression and to learn more about fulfilling sexual behaviour. It can help you develop a sense of confidence and enjoyment in making love.

Common sexual problems that people bring to therapy include:
• loss of sexual desire
• problems with penetration
• erectile dysfunction
• premature ejaculation
• vaginismus
• dyspareunia
• orgasm difficulties
• lack of enjoyment
• sex addiction

I work with individuals, men and women, straight and same-sex couples.