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Therapy With Bernd Leygraf

Conjoint Therapy with Bernd Leygraf

Radical better is an expression of the joint work between two therapists, Jaap Westerbos and Bernd Leygraf. Based on many years of experience, particularly in working with couples, groups and organisations, Jaap and Bernd have synthesized their approaches into one conjoint, coherent, challenging way of working. They draw on a wide range of therapies as well as art, ritual, body work and trauma resolution within a transpersonal philosophy. The work is particularly potent in working with systems that are chronically stuck and which require a creative radical approach to moving on.

The work involves an in-depth initial assessment with both therapists, normally in Central London and most sessions will be co-facilitated by both Jaap and Bernd. The work requires a time limited commitment. Conjoint work often works towards a resolution on a shorter time frame than traditional approaches to coaching or therapy.

About Bernd

Bernd was born in Germany, where his initial training as a therapist took place and where he worked for some time in the priesthood. As a clinician he works in private practice primarily in London (UK)

Over the years, Bernd has been trained in clinical pastoral care, counselling, psychotherapy and psychosexual therapy, both in Germany and the UK. He also trained in many forms of psychotherapy, some of which are more traditional (e.g. Object Relations) some more innovative (e.g. Gestalt).
Overall, his approach is Integrative, which means that Bernd draws on several forms of therapy to work effectively with his clients.

Bernd is registered as a Psychotherapist with the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) and accredited with the Association of Humanistic Psychology Practitioners (AHPP). He is a licensed Psychosexual and Couples Therapist and accredited as a clinical supervisor with the College for Sexual Relationship Therapy (COSRT). He runs trainings approved by the National Centre for Psychotherapy and the College for Sexual and Relationship Therapy (COSRT). Some courses are accredited by Middlesex University.

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